Andy was employed by Singapore based top photographer as an assistant. Since then, he put all his passions and dream to reality. It was his versatility and philosophy of always putting himself on the spot to push him further.

His effort to realise his dream was fullfilled as a professional photographer after two years. After more than a decade there, he knows that he have to move on to another level to further his dream. It was when N.D Photography was set-up in 2009.

He seek inspiration from everybody, everywhere and anything that caught his eyes. To be in the forefront, he have to be constantly open his eyes and be sensitive to everything around him. He believe that photography should bring out the depths of hidden beauty and intricacy in his subjects, not just capturing an image in the camera. It should create artistic images that captures the soul and spirit of the whole. So his style of shooting, brings a weighty, films like quality to visual story-telling.