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Ferry is a self-taught fashion photographer from Surabaya, Indonesia. Initially starting out as a fashion designer, he developed as a photographer out of sheer curiosity.

Ferry moved to Singapore in 2003 to pursue his degree in fashion design at La Salle SIA, to continue to study the art of design. He had been working as a designer in Indonesia and wanted to further his education. However, after He graduated, he decided that fashion photography was his true calling.

In 2006, he decided to quit his job in fashion and take on a job as a studio assistant for a renown photography company. During his time as an assistant, he discovered he had an uncanny eye for detail and inner beauty. The results were a portfolio of work that ranges from fashion, portraits, advertising and lifestyle etc...

Ferry loves discovering the uniqueness within a frame, often finding beauty in imperfections. He was selected as Top 10 for a reality show called The Big Shot for Channel 5. He enjoys his long standing relationships with magazines companies and modeling agencies.

Ferry’s Philosophy is to remain current you always have to be a continuous learner and be willing to go the distance to try something new.

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